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To all my BUNS! ♥

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Espada Or Soul Reaper?
Espada Or Soul Reaper?
Hosted By Anime

.: The Bundles :.


Sibelius And Tobias - Under the Mask by Tsiki10Sibelius And Tobias - Feathers of Trust by Tsiki10Sibelius And Tobias - Do You Trust Me by Tsiki10Sibelius And Tobias - Feathery Touch by Tsiki10Sibelius And Tobias - Speak No Evil by Tsiki10Sibelius And Tobias by Tsiki10
Bouncing Hirm by Tsiki10Bouncing Hirm by Tsiki10Bouncing Tsiki WIP by Tsiki10Bouncing Two Face by Tsiki10Bouncing Kamy by Tsiki10Tsiki by Tsiki10Bouncing Silvana by Tsiki10Bouncing Mayn by Tsiki10Bouncing Euren by Tsiki10
Thorny Tentacles by Tsiki10

Mature Content

Yum-Yum Tentacles by Tsiki10
School Tentacles by Tsiki10Tentacle Pillows by Tsiki10Slimy Tentacles by Tsiki10
Harley The Young Spiderling by Tsiki10Anabi the Spiderling by Tsiki10Juul the Spiderling by Tsiki10Enma the Spiderling by Tsiki10
[League Of Legends] Sejuani the Winter's Wrath by Tsiki10[League Of Legends] Riven the Exile by Tsiki10[League Of Legends] Quinn Demacia's Wings by Tsiki10[League Of Legends] Annie The Dark Child by Tsiki10[League Of Legends] Soraka the Starchild by Tsiki10[League Of Legends] Jinx the Loose Cannon by Tsiki10[League Of Legends] Lissandra the Ice Witch by Tsiki10[League Of Legends] Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox by Tsiki10[League Of Legends] Malzahar by Tsiki10
Kamy In A Box by Tsiki10Ryu In A Box by Tsiki10Hunt In A Box by Tsiki10Miru Nee In A Box by Tsiki10Ryuu In A Box by Tsiki10
Falling Minx Bunny by Tsiki10Falling Hunt by Tsiki10Falling Miru Nee by Tsiki10Falling Azeroon by Tsiki10Falling Veroon by Tsiki10Falling Pumpkin by Tsiki10Falling Susi by Tsiki10


[Underneath the Cherry Blossom Tree] by Tsiki10Veri by Tsiki10Christmas Ryuu by Tsiki10Bun Bun by Tsiki10Tea Time For Kamy by Tsiki10Cosy Tsiki by Tsiki10Tsiki and Shark-Sama by Tsiki10Sitting Tsiki by Tsiki10
Kamy In A Box by Tsiki10Ryu In A Box by Tsiki10Hunt In A Box by Tsiki10Miru Nee In A Box by Tsiki10Ryuu In A Box by Tsiki10

Floating Lady Silvana by Tsiki10Falling Susi by Tsiki10Falling Pumpkin by Tsiki10Falling Veroon by Tsiki10Falling Azeroon by Tsiki10Falling Miru Nee by Tsiki10Falling Hunt by Tsiki10Falling Minx Bunny by Tsiki10

Icons and chibis and chibis and icons...


:star::bulletblue::star::bulletgreen::star::bulletgreen::star::bulletblue::star::bulletgreen: Little icons :bulletblue::star::bulletgreen::star::bulletblue::star::bulletgreen::star::bulletblue::star::bulletgreen:

PC - Greda by Tsiki10PC - Wodginite by Tsiki10PC - Khrai by Tsiki10PC - Ophelia by Tsiki10PC - Power by Tsiki10PC - Hgfdhg by Tsiki10PC - Trick by Tsiki10PC - Drama King by Tsiki10Flipping Grin by Tsiki10PC - Captain Clint by Tsiki10PC - Pastel by Tsiki10Flipping Librarian by Tsiki10PC - Fluff by Tsiki10PC - Q by Tsiki10PC - Asher by Tsiki10PC - Chaya by Tsiki10PC - Fluff by Tsiki10PC - YasYas by Tsiki10Fancy Pony by Tsiki10PC - Creeper by Tsiki10PC - Purple Persona by Tsiki10PC - Zero by Tsiki10PC - Mitchell by Tsiki10PC - Beth by Tsiki10PC - Roy by Tsiki10PC - Mina by Tsiki10PC - Roxanna by Tsiki10PC - Liam by Tsiki10PC - Mizuki by Tsiki10PC - Demo by Tsiki10PC - Kana by Tsiki10PC - Castielle by Tsiki10PC - Clove by Tsiki10PC - Wolf girl by Tsiki10PC - Bella by Tsiki10PC - Yoshi by Tsiki10PC - Maddie by Tsiki10PC -  Purple by Tsiki10PC - Shyla by Tsiki10PC - Jenn by Tsiki10PC - Eric by Tsiki10PC - Seku by Tsiki10PC - DJ by Tsiki10PC - Ulric by Tsiki10PC - Zaniel by Tsiki10PC - Sienna Krueger Voorhees by Tsiki10PC - Koo by Tsiki10PC - Silvia by Tsiki10PC - William by Tsiki10PC - Ragnarok by Tsiki10PC - DJ by Tsiki10PC - Skelyl by Tsiki10PC - Neko by Tsiki10PC - Oreo by Tsiki10PC - Boom by Tsiki10PC - Osvaldus Faust by Tsiki10PC - Viccro by Tsiki10B-Gift - Puppy by Tsiki10PC - Beep Hat by Tsiki10REQ - Princess Luna by Tsiki10PC - Eggy King by Tsiki10PC - Alsker by Tsiki10PC - Alsker by Tsiki10Thor Icon by Tsiki10Loki  Icon by Tsiki10Sakura Icon by Tsiki10Sasuke Icon by Tsiki10PC - Gira by Tsiki10PC - Gira2 by Tsiki10PC - Sasori by Tsiki10PC - Cherrie by Tsiki10PC - Little Green Fool by Tsiki10PC - Tora by Tsiki10PC - Pigeon plushie by Tsiki10-Icon Exchange- by Tsiki10PC - Tiberius by Tsiki10PC - Venlope by Tsiki10PC - Aki by Tsiki10PC - Vernus by Tsiki10PC - Visessentia by Tsiki10PC - Emiry by Tsiki10PC - Sleepy by Tsiki10Naruto Icon by Tsiki10PC - Fredy by Tsiki10PC - Naomi by Tsiki10PC - MamePiwy by Tsiki10PC - Nameless by Tsiki10PC - Envy by Tsiki10PC - Otaia by Tsiki10PC - Ammerose by Tsiki10Gift - Cry Icon by Tsiki10NaNa by Tsiki10PC - BlackCat by Tsiki10PC - Zup by Tsiki10PC - Nyan by Tsiki10PC - Aslfasa by Tsiki10PC - Nia by Tsiki10PC -  Mana by Tsiki10PC - Kushell by Tsiki10PC - Furui by Tsiki10PC - Sanna by Tsiki10PC - Kanto by Tsiki10PC - Mirai Cleo by Tsiki10PC - Byzan by Tsiki10PC - Scout by Tsiki10PC - Chet by Tsiki10PC - Opal by Tsiki10PC - Kastka by Tsiki10PC - Russel by Tsiki10PC - Kakra by Tsiki10PC - Ladon by Tsiki10PC - Bala by Tsiki10PC - Andreas by Tsiki10Hunt Pixel by Tsiki10Black Suit Icon by Tsiki10Ryu Demon Icon by Tsiki10Gift - TwiflutterPie by Tsiki10Gift - Clayton by Tsiki10Gift - Sumain by Tsiki10Christmas Cat by Tsiki10Pilz-E Icon by Tsiki10PC - Fiber by Tsiki10PC - June by Tsiki10Art Trade - Black n White Bunny by Tsiki10PC - Aila by Tsiki10PC - Black Wolf by Tsiki10PC - Tiger by Tsiki10Art Trade - Cry Bunny by Tsiki10Icon Trade - Ryn by Tsiki10Movember Bunny by Tsiki10Bunny Icon by Tsiki10PC - Quinn by Tsiki10PC - Ryuki Icon by Tsiki10PC - Dove Icon by Tsiki10AT - Stephano by Tsiki10PC - Rainbows by Tsiki10Clayton Dawg Icon by Tsiki10Lazy Demon Icon by Tsiki10Scarecrow Icon by Tsiki10Noodles the Bunny Icon by Tsiki10PC - Ge Grotesque by Tsiki10PC - Queen of Chess by Tsiki10Pumpkin and Joker by Tsiki10PC - Faith the Hedgehog by Tsiki10PC - Amalya by Tsiki10PC - Amalie by Tsiki10PC - Akiko by Tsiki10PC - Mana by Tsiki10PC - Astrid by Tsiki10PC - Chikako by Tsiki10Icon Trade1 by Tsiki10Valkyrie Icon by Tsiki10Baby Pewdie Icon by Tsiki10Baby Sugar Icon by Tsiki10IT - Baby Icarus Icon by Tsiki10Baby Naya Icon by Tsiki10IT - Anya Chibi Icon by Tsiki10Naya Icon by Tsiki10Black n White Kitty by Tsiki10Brown Kitty by Tsiki10CuddleWolfIcon by Tsiki10CuddleFoxIcon by Tsiki10LauraIcon by Tsiki10Ryu Icon by Tsiki10SiniIcon by Tsiki10Laura Icon by Tsiki10IT - Icarus by Tsiki10Ryuu-Icon by Tsiki10Mittens Icon by Tsiki10HappyWheels-Timmy Icon by Tsiki10Godly-Req-Icon by Tsiki10Naga Icon by Tsiki10Puffen Icon by Tsiki10Muffen Icon by Tsiki10RyuuIcon by Tsiki10PewDiePie Icon by Tsiki10Easter Egg by Tsiki10Lil Demon Icon by Tsiki10Bonez by Tsiki10Pokeball Icon by Tsiki10Cats Icon by Tsiki10SquidIcon by Tsiki10KittyIcon2 by Tsiki10Sweet-LollyIcon by Tsiki10SweetLollyIcon by Tsiki10KittyIcon by Tsiki10


Sini by Tsiki10Naya by Tsiki10Lil Slendy by Tsiki10AT -  Totto-chan by Tsiki10Pewdie by Tsiki10Ryuu by Tsiki10Kitty Ears Try by Tsiki10Pumpkin by Tsiki10Kiizu- Blink by Tsiki10Halloween Buddies by Tsiki10


Blue Maiden by Tsiki10Red Maiden by Tsiki10Yellow Maiden by Tsiki10Green Maiden by Tsiki10Purple Maiden by Tsiki10



Yees- yeees . Awesome peeps are awesome!! [:
Sun Nov 1, 2015, 9:39 AM
u know wot else is noice? some of the awesome peeps here on devart
Sun Nov 1, 2015, 9:34 AM
Yas yas- very noice!
Wed Oct 21, 2015, 3:48 AM
bewbs errywurrrrrrr
Wed Oct 21, 2015, 3:48 AM
YAAS YAAS! ( . Y . ) bewbs ♥
Wed Oct 21, 2015, 3:39 AM




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All I want for Christmas is.. 

56 deviants said A pet fish that can only speak japanese and calls you "BAKA" everytime you enter or leave the room.
16 deviants said A shiny Rudolph with a russian accent and pukes Vodka . :rudolph:
15 deviants said A gingerbread house with gummy-kids inside.
9 deviants said A big white bunny that gives you the judgmental look everytime you eat food.
8 deviants said A drunk Santa . :santa:
3 deviants said A red dress that makes you look like you're 70.
2 deviants said Some coal

To all those who celebrated Thanksgiving, Happy thxgiving from the people who don't celebrate it. c:
And hope no-one got hurt during black friday. ; u ; I'm so glad we don't have it here.. that bad lol

Anyway- December is right here and so is CHRISTMAS. Man I love Christmas - families together, all that food and overall the nice warm feeling you have inside. ; u ;  and to some, presents. c:
So In the spirit of almost Christmas I'm going to another round of my Double kiribans- I dont really know why I named it double kiribans, but too late to change it. ; u ;

I am going to give away 100 points. 5x20
One kiriban is worth 20 points, one person can only catch two.

The kiribans are :

92,700 - General-Kel
93,000 - Carmeliza
93,500 - Carmeliza
94,000 - ClearJellyfishy
94,500 - ClearJellyfishy

If you catch one of these :
Star!Take a full screenshot
Star! Post the link here, anywhere else will not be accepted.

Good luck, and stay warm, it's cold out. c:

Warm Floof by Tsiki10




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- Ma Little Buns!! -
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- Artists that I stalk check out once in a while.. -



!! Map !! *old**new*


:iconobelis: :iconlemonade-raid: :iconfrelsie: :iconkr0tten: :iconchesterpalm:


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Thanks that you haved followed me..and
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